Startup -PREMA(PRMX) $ 500 Giveaway

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🥳 New register who deposits $10 and completes KYC2 will have chance to win an $5 contract bonus🧧

🥳user who invited friends to successfully will have chance to win an $5 🧧

🥳If the number of qualified participants is more than 1000, 25 winners will be selected, each with 20$ Contract Bonus or 20$ in random tokens

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  1. *The rewards will be distributed in $PRMX, Contract Bonus or Random tokens.
  2. *Other than new users who register during the event, Candidates need to trade no less than $50 (spot trading) from 2022-12-8 to 2022-12-13 and invite new registers who completed KYC2 and traded any volume to win rewards.
  3. *The winner list will be announced on News Telegram Channel.
  4. *The rewards will be distributed within 14 working days after the event ends.
  5. *The use of duplicate accounts and any other cheating behavior is strictly prohibited.
  6. * reserves the right of final interpretation of the terms of this event.

Entry Methods:

  • Follow @gate_io on Twitter
  • Follow @prema_en on Twitter
  • Join @GateioOfficialNews on Telegram
  • Join @gateiohindi on Telegram
  • Refer Friends For Extra Entries
  • Answer a Question: Your referee UID from this activity
  • Visit This Page to Enter