$10,000 Airdrop Campaign by Stage for the Sidus Community

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Welcome to the Stage $10K Airdrop Campaign!

Stage Overview:
‘Stage’ is a Web3 music project that aims to take the industry by storm, combining Idol-style captivating music competitions with SocialFi. The project empowers fans to influence artists' success while earning Real World Assets (RWAs) as tangible stakes in their careers and gives 60% of the profits to young artists who are just starting their journey. Stage strives to bring the concept of Web3 and ownership to thousands of musicians worldwide!

Here are the project’s main features:

  • Over 13M followers via signed ambassador deals.
  • ​Over 200 artists and 43K users on our iOS app before the official mainstream launch
  • Over 300 KOLs in total, including CryptoRand, ThatMartiniGuy, Incrypted, AltCryptoGems, Axel Blaze, and others.
  • Designed by Erik Herrström, Spotify's former Brand Design Director.
  • $2.4M raised from various VCs.
  • Diverse revenue streams such as on-chain votes and transactions, digital collectibles, in-app purchases, and potentially large-scale publishing deal commissions - both with token buy-back and burn.

For more details, read our Extensive Review.

Airdrop Campaign Terms:

The total Airdrop reward pool is worth $10,000 in Stage tokens.
150 participants who complete all mandatory entries will be randomly selected to receive $40 in Stage tokens each.

The Top 10 referrers will be rewarded as follows:
1st place: $1,000 in Stage tokens

2nd place: $850 in Stage tokens
3rd place: $750 in Stage tokens
4th-10th place: $200 in Stage tokens each

Website: https://www.stage.community/
X (Twitter) | Telegram Chat | Discord | LinkedIn

Terms, Conditions & Distribution Terms.

  • 150 winners will be randomly selected from the participants who have completed all the mandatory entries of this Gleam Airdrop.
  • The top 10 referrers will be determined by the number of referred participants.
  • The list of the winners will be published on social media.
  • Winners will be notified via the email provided in their Gleam entry.
  • The email will contain a request to complete a Google Form for KYC verification on the SidusPad platform within 14 days of receiving this email.

Rewards earned from this campaign will be distributed in two equal increments over a period of two months. These rewards will be redeemed in Stage tokens with their corresponding value determined by the stablecoin rate at the precise date of distribution. Once the winners are announced, a notification email will be sent to them. The winners will have 14 days after sending the notification email to pass the KYC on the SidusPad platform to get the right to receive their reward.

Legal Disclaimer.
This campaign is governed by the following Terms & Conditions, which include specific eligibility limitations: participation is strictly prohibited to citizens and residents of the United States (including its territories like Puerto Rico, the Northern Mariana Islands, Guam, American Samoa, etc.), Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, Tunisia, Nepal, Malaysia, Morocco, Egypt, Iraq, Algeria and Bangladesh. Any participation attempts from these locations will result in immediate disqualification.

To uphold fairness and compliance, all prize winners are required to undergo a Know Your Customer (KYC) verification with accurate identification and contact details before they can receive the winnings.

We retain the authority to eliminate any participants who engage in fraudulent activities, such as the use of automated bots, the creation of fictitious accounts, the submission of fraudulent entries, or any behavior that compromises the integrity of the campaign.
Prizes cannot be distributed to the winners until they have successfully passed the KYC verification. Winners must complete this verification within 14 days of winning; failure to do so will lead to the forfeiture of the prize.

By entering this campaign, participants consent to and accept these Terms & Conditions, affirming their complete agreement to abide by the rules.

Entry Methods:

  • Submit Your MetaMask Wallet Address
  • Follow stage_community on X
  • Join @stage_announcements on Telegram
  • Join @stage_official on Telegram
  • Join Stage Official Discord Server
  • Follow Stage on LinkedIn:
  • Visit the Stage Website:
  • Follow siduspad on X
  • Join @siduspad on Telegram
  • Join @siduspad_chat on Telegram
  • Repost siduspad on X
  • Post on X
  • https://t.me/siduspad
  • Refer Friends For Extra Entries
  • Which blockchain will the Stage token run on?
  • Who is the CEO of 'Stage'?
  • Which social media personalities and entities have expressed support for 'Stage'?
  • Get A Bonus In Entries When You Complete All Actions