Crunchers Campaign 1 - AI Reverse Image Search

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📢 Campaign 1 - AI Reverse Image Search 📢

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our biggest airdrop campaign yet, The Crunchers Series! This exciting initiative is designed to boost awareness and engagement with our innovative tools and we want YOU to be a part of it.

How to Participate:

  1. AI-Reverse image search:
    Put our AI Reverse Image Search to the test

    Try here:👇
    AI Reverse Image Search - Newest release from bitsCrunch
  2. Create Content:
    Create content across various platforms about the AI Image search:
    • Sharing social media posts
    • Writing blog articles
    • Creating tutorial and explanatory videos
    • Designing creative posters and graphics
  3. Accumulate Points:
    Earn points for each verified piece of content you publish.
    The top 100 participants who accumulate 1000 points will qualify.


ğŸŽ 200,000 $BCUT tokens ğŸŽ

Why Join?

  • Exclusive Rewards: Earn BCUT
  • Boost Your Profile: We will promote you
  • Support Innovation: Help us improve our AI-driven tools.

💰 Earn Points & Win Rewards 💰

Only the top 100 participants at the end of the season will share a massive prize pool of 200,000 $BCUT tokens, each receiving 2,000 $BCUT tokens!

Entry Methods:

  • Follow bitscrunch on Twitter
  • Retweet bitsCrunch on Twitter
  • Visit this page and create content about newly launched AI Reverse Image Search tool and earn rewards:
  • Join @bitsCrunch on Telegram
  • Join Our Discord Server and Engage on general-chat Channel
  • Tweet on Twitter
  • Write a Blog Post
  • Submit your URL twitter post, graphic content, Video or memes here - share content about the experience of newly launched bitsCrunch AI Reverse Image Search tool and earn rewards
  • Submit the youtube video link here
  • Refer Friends For Extra Entries