Shadcoin Airdrop

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Participate in the Shadcoin airdrop to win your share of 1.44 Billion SHAD!

3% of the total supply of SHAD is delegated for ths Airdrop!!!

Simply complete tasks below and winners will be announced on twitter!

Delegation of SHAD will begin when Airdrop ends.

This Airdrop will run for one week starting on:

2024-03-29 12:00:00 AM
Eastern Time (ET)-
2024-04-05 07:59 PM
Eastern Time (ET)

Entry Methods:

  • Enter Your SOL Wallet Address
  • Follow @shadpepe on Twitter
  • Retweet @shadpepe on Twitter
  • Tweet About Shadcoin
  • Join @shadcoinsolana on Telegram