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Win A ChainArena Warrior Card

ChainGuardians is thrilled to announce ChainArena, the first Blockchain Superhero crossover mobile game.

In ChainArena, defenders of the Cryptoverse have the opportunity to embark upon a new adventure, guiding select ChainGuardians characters through a mysterious world filled with unprecedented dangers and rewards as they battle their way back home.

ChainArena will launch this Holiday season on IOS and Android.

What you can win:

  1. The winner of this bundle will receive one ChainGuardian OG Warrior Cards: Captain Devex, Lolita Lee or Dasha Locks
  2. ChainArena Warrior Cards are digital collectables and give you access to a 30% in-game stats buff, making it easier to progress and unlock rewards.
  3. You can also use this card to play as the iconic characters in ChainArena

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