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🗓 Period : Dec 12th.2022 ~ Dec 26th.2022 (UTC)

🎁Reward : $MGR

🏆Winner : 200 $MGR x 250

💌First come participants : 50 $MGR x 2,000

🙌Winner Announcement : Dec 26th.2022

🙌Airdrop Date : TBA

🪙MGR : Metagauge Governance TOKEN MGR

🎁Referral reward🎁

​🥇 1nd will get 10,000 MGR​​
🥈 2nd to 10th will get 3,000 MGR
🥉 11th to 100th will get 1,000 MGR

🍀 101th to 150th will get 500 MGR

📘 About Metagauge

Metagauge is a Dapp Platform that provides

Mobility to earn (M2E) services based on
decentralized Mobility Location (GPS) data.

Metagauge requires a lot of mobility data.
The user supplies mobility data to the Metagauge,
and the Metagauge reward the utility token, ROD,
as a reward. Metagauge allows users to secure
NFT without NFT sales

🚗 M2E (Move To Earn) Service

Blockchain of Metagauge works like the user's movement
data and can mine utility tokens (ROD) and governance
tokens (MGR) according to the shares range and
level of integrated data such as driving,running
and moving.
users can acquire GPS BOX of the Metagauge
ecosystem based on data values such as distance
and time of travel and mine governance tokens (MGR) based
on DIY NFT rarity combining NFT parts and body NFT from BOX

🚙 M2E (Mobility To Earn) Service

Metagauge is designed to use three integrated data :
driving data, running data, and moving data widely
throughout related business such as insurance,
logistics, E-commerce, and FinTech
(Financial Technology)

- Driving data : user's travel distance, travel time etc.
- Operation data : repid acceleration, sudden departure etc.
- Movement data : departure and destination, airplane, etc.

📘 About $MGR

MGR is a functional token in the Metagauge ecosystem.

Depending on the quantity of possession of MGR and

retention period, MetaGauge’s NFT owners are entitled to

have governance to purchase land in the Meta-universe

at MataGauge based on landmarks worldwide.

📘 About $ROD

ROD with main use cases
: Mobility-to-Earn rewards,

reinvestment, GameFi rewards, etc.

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