$20,000 Airdrop Campaign - by Cookie3 & ChainGPT [Ends May 15th]

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Welcome to the Cookie3 $20,000 Airdrop Campaign!

Cookie3 Overview:
Cookie3 revolutionary "on-chain/off-chain" behavioral AI analytics platform is the most advanced user analytics app that has been developed for the last 2.5 years, and has officially launched in October 2023. Since its launch, the platform has won great success, and is already used by over 170+ Web3 projects.

$20,000 Airdrop Campaign Terms:
The total airdrop reward pool is worth $10,000 in $COOKIE tokens & $10,000 $CGPT tokens. We will randomly select 750 participants to receive $10 worth of $COOKIE each, and 750 participants to receive $10 worth of $CGPT each.

Top 50 referrers will be rewarded as follows:
1st place: $500 worth of $COOKIE & $500 worth of $CGPT
2nd place: $400 worth of $COOKIE & $400 worth of $CGPT
3rd place: $300 worth of $COOKIE & $300 worth of $CGPT
4th-50th place: $27.5 worth of $COOKIE & $27.5 worth of $CGPT

Website: https://www.cookie3.co/
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Terms, Conditions & Distribution terms.
Rewards earned from this campaign will be dispersed in three equal increments over a period of three months, with one-third of the total reward being made available for release each month. These rewards will be redeemed in $COOKIE and $CGPT tokens, with their corresponding value determined by the stablecoin rate at the precise date of distribution. Winners will have 14 days to pass a KYC & claim their reward.

Legal Disclaimer:
This campaign is subject to these Terms & Conditions, including specific eligibility restrictions: citizens and residents of the United States, Canada, Tunisia, Qatar, Nepal, Morocco, Iraq, Egypt, China, Bangladesh, and Algeria are explicitly prohibited from participating. Any attempt to participate from these jurisdictions will lead to immediate disqualification.
To ensure compliance and fairness, all winners must complete a Know Your Customer (KYC) verification process before receiving any prize. This involves providing truthful identification and contact information.
We reserve the right to disqualify participants engaging in dishonest practices, including using bots, creating fake accounts, submitting false entries, or any actions that undermine the campaign's integrity.
Winners cannot claim their rewards until they have successfully completed the KYC verification process. Upon winning, participants have 14 days to complete this process. Failure to comply within this time will result in forfeiture of any reward claim.
By participating, you acknowledge and agree to these Terms & Conditions. Your participation signifies your full acceptance of these rules.

Entry Methods:

  • Submit your crypto wallet
  • Follow @Cookie3_com on Twitter
  • Refer Friends For Extra Entries
  • Retweet @Chain_GPT on Twitter
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  • Join @cookie3_co on Telegram
  • Visit Cookie3 on YouTube
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  • Enter Our Secret Code (Found on Telegram)