Webcoin Labs × Corite ($CO) Airdrop

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Prizepool - 50,000 $CO

Deadline - 31 December 2022

Distribution - T.B.A

About Corite

Corite is a Swedish platform for music lovers, where fans and performers share success together. The platform works on the basis of fan technologies, creating a P2E product.

​Reward Distribution 🎁

Total 50,000 $CO Will be distributed as follows-

🏆Top 1 - 10 will get 2000 $CO Each

🏆Top 11-20 will get 1000 $CO Each

20,000 $CO will be equally Distributed among 100 Lucky Participants🔥

1× Lucky Users will also get 1,000 $CO

Be sure to Tag your Friends to have a valid entry 💥

Note - This airdrop is funded by Webcoin labs hence there is no involvement of Corite funds for this airdrop , the airdrop management and distribution is conducted by Webcoin Network Inc

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