KuCoin Pre-AMA Activity ā€” Oasys (OAS): Complete All the Tasks for a Chance To Win $10 in OAS!šŸŽ‰šŸŽ‰šŸŽ‰

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Offered by: KuCoin
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If the following goals have been achieved by the end of the activity period, we will select 40 winners of $10 in OAS each.

āœ… Oasys (OAS) Discord = 41,000 members
āœ… KuCoin News Channel = 124,500 subscribers
āœ… KuCoin Exchange Telegram Group = 196,000 members

āœ… KuCoin Exchange 2nd Group = 132,500 members

*If the target number has not been reached, the rewards will be added to other parts of the Oasys (OAS) AMA activities.

Entry Methods:

  • Submit KuCoin UID: What is your KuCoin UID?
  • Join @Kucoin_News on Telegram
  • Join @KuCoin_Exchange_New on Telegram
  • Join @Kucoin_Exchange on Telegram
  • Join @KuCoin_Metaverse on Telegram
  • Follow @oasys_games on Twitter
  • Follow @kucoincom on Twitter
  • Oasys (Official) Discord Server
  • KuCoin Exchange Discord Server