MetaWars Close Tech Demo White List

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Welcome to the MetaWars Close Tech Demo whitelist campaign! Here is the chance for all MetaWarriors to win one of the 20 spots and be the first few experiencing the early bird MetaWars gameplay.

In order to get a whitelist spot for the demo, you will need to complete a few tasks! The more tasks you completed, the higher chance you get the spot!

MetaWarriors, show us your power and complete all the tasks!

Entry Methods:

  • Join our Discord server
  • Follow @metawarsNFT on Twitter
  • Join @MetaWarsNFT on Telegram
  • Retweet @MetaWarsNFT on Twitter
  • Tweet With The # Hashtag
  • Join @MetawarsOfficial on Telegram
  • View Post on Telegram
  • Visit MetaWars on YouTube
  • Check Out to Enter
  • Check Out Gitbook to Enter
  • Launch Dapp to Enter
  • Visit metawarsnft on Instagram
  • Upload a Metawars fan art that created by you
  • Click For a Daily Bonus Entry
  • Get 10 Bonus Entries For Completing Everything