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CAWELON Project Launch Airdrop

We are the CAWELON Foundation, which aims to realize acompletely self-sustainingand decentralized SocialFi platform.
The CAWELON project is growing day by day thanks to the constant efforts of developers and the support of communities around the world. This time, we will hold an airdrop to thank everyone who supports the growth of CAWELON every day.

πŸ† Prizes πŸ†

Total airdrop :$500 ETH

(More entries lead to higher chances of winning the airdrop campaign)

5 top entries people will share the remaining


Members participating in Airdrop join our social media channels to receive Airdrop rewards

The following tasks are recommended:

  1. ​Enter your ETH Wallet Address
  2. Follow our Twitter
  3. Retweet on twitter
  4. Join our Telegram group
  5. Tweet About CAWSupporter+#CAWELON
  6. Share With Your Friends For Extra Entries
  7. Complete Every Action For 8 Bonus Entries


Entry Methods:

  • What is Your Crypto Wallet Address?
  • Follow @k1k632 on Twitter
  • Follow @cawelon on Twitter
  • Retweet @k1k632 on Twitter
  • Join @CAWELON420 on Telegram
  • Tweet on Twitter
  • Refer Friends For Extra Entries
  • Complete Every Action For 20 Bonus Entries