Live AMA-ChatAI | 3,240 CHATAI Giveaway

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1.Follow & RT & Tag 3 friends

2.Book the live preview

3.Comment in chatroom during live

*The rewards will be distributed in CHATAI within 14 working days after the event ends in your wallet.

*KYC2 is required, otherwise winners cannot receive the prize. The winner list will be released on News channel.

*The use of duplicate accounts or any other cheating behaviour is strictly prohibited.

*Users in the UK and other Restricted Locations cannot access this service (please see the User Agreement for further details on Restricted Locations).

Entry Methods:

  • Follow @GateioLive on Twitter
  • Retweet @GateioLive on Twitter
  • Enjoy the Space With Friends!
  • Set a Reminder of Space:
  • Claim the Airdrop: