Thirty-One Nights of Halloween Frights: GRAND PRIZE!

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To celebrate haunting season some of your favorite indie authors are bringing a killer giveaway to your doorstep: one book a day for the whole month of October! It's Thirty-One Nights of Halloween Frights!

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As a special THANK YOU to everyone who participated in celebrating spooky season, we've decided to unleash one final surprise: A MASSIVE GRAND PRIZE!

No wait. Actually, it's THREE Grand Prize packages!


  1. Signed book: Abe Moss, "Wicked Was the Night"
  2. Signed book: Debra Castaneda, "A Dark and Rising Tide"
  3. Signed book: MJ Mars, "The Suffering"
  4. Signed book: Naomi Ault, "Chew: Season One" + ebook
  5. Signed book: Andrew Gonzalez, "Insanity"
  6. Signed book: CB Jones, "The Rules of the Road"
  7. $25 Amazon gift certificate
  8. Stickers & coffee mug & author swag donated by Andrew Van Wey, Debra Castaneda, & CB Jones, and more!


  1. Signed book: Jay Bower, "Hanging Corpses"
  2. Signed book: Elizabeth J. Brown, "The Foundling"
  3. Signed book: Blain Daigle, "The Broken Places"
  4. Signed book: Cyrena Shows, "Scary Tales for Dark Nights, Vol. 1" + audiobook code.
  5. Signed book: James Kaine, "My Pet Werewolf"
  6. Signed book: Douglas Wynne, "Red Equinox" + ebook
  7. $25 dollar Amazon gift certificate donated by James Kaine
  8. Stickers, t-shirt, author swag & more donated by R.C. Hausen, Elizabeth Brown, Douglass Wynn, James Kaine, and more!


  1. Signed book: Andrew Najberg, "The Mobius Door"
  2. Signed book: LM Kaplin, "Fang Fiction"
  3. Signed book: Mark Ruvulo, "Sloe"
  4. Signed book: Ivy Graves, "In the Roof"
  5. Signed book: Dean Rasmussen, "Hanging House"
  6. Mystery Book!
  7. Mystery Book!
  8. $25 dollar Amazon gift certificate courtesy of Per Jacobsen
  9. Stickers, t-shirt, author swag, & more donated by Marc Ruvolo, Jay Sizemore, Andrew Najberg, and more.

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👉 In 72 hours three (3) winners will be drawn! The first winner will get their choice of Grand Prize package, followed by the second, and the third. Please be sure to:

✅ CONFIRM your email address from KingSumo (and check your spam, promotions, or other folders if it hasn't arrived)!

✅ Ensure that you are CHECKING your email. If a winner doesn't respond within 72 hours a new winner will be drawn.

Thank you for participating in the Thirty-One Nights of Halloween Frights Daily Horror Giveaway! We hope you've found some great books, some new authors, and had a frightfully fun Haunting Season!


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