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Win my "Choose Any 10 Plugins" code from Plugin Alliance! Use this code to pick any 10 plugins that are included in the MEGA XXL bundle (which I subscribe to) and get them FOR FREE! And own them forever! There is no cost to you. You do NOT need to be a Mega Bundle Subscriber to use this code.

Since I subscribe to the Plugin Alliance MEGA BUNDLE XXL, every year they send me a code that allows me to choose any 10 plugins and own them forever (perpetual license)

But instead of using this code myself, this year I'm giving it away to one lucky person!


*This giveaway is not affiliated with Plugin Alliance or YouTube. You are not required to subscribe, like, comment, or view a video on YouTube. Doing so will not increase your chances of winning. Though we hope you subscribe so you don't miss out on the awesome videos, plugin reviews, free plugin alerts, and future contests.

Make sure you provide a real email address, as the winner will be contacted via email.

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