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We were really excited to be talking with Chris of Pedal Pawn based in the UK. We sent over some cables for their studio, and we talked about doing a giveaway. He was super kind to send over their Texas Twang! The Texas Twang retails for $258. We're giving up a pair of 15' Custom cables with Neutrik Nickel plugs. You can select the cable type (Standard and/or Snake Head), the weave color, and the Neutrik plug configuration. The cable package retails for $130.00. The total retail value of this giveaway package is $388!!

Full description on the Pedal Pawn Texas Twang:

It's been a lifelong journey to encapsulate our favourite Texan's 'Twang' into a box! Alongside our countless hours of tweaking, we have received an outpouring of requests for this very creation! We listened to you, ourselves, (& Stevie on repeat for 20 years) & can now proudly present the – Pedal Pawn ® Texan Twang TM.

This custom boost circuit is specifically tuned for an abundance of glassy clean-up, for when you roll back the guitars volume knob on each setting. Rolling up the guitars volume knob produces the Texan Twang TM we have searched for our whole lives!

Texan Twang TM Features

• 3-way rotary switch – Hi (Glass / Bite), Mid (Fat / Tube), Lo (Growl / Wood)

• Completely interactive clean up with the guitars volume knob

• Handcrafted in the UK

• Standard 9v power input / battery connection

• True bypass switching

Since Pedal Pawn is located in the UK, we're going to make this a full international giveaway. If you are selected as the winner and are based outside of the North American continent, we ask that you pay for shipping. We will cover shipping charges for the US, Canada, and Mexico.

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