Cronos ID x Ebisu's Bay: Token Giveaway

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Offered by: Cronos Labs
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📜Additional requirements:

  1. Must be a .cro domain holder. Domain should be within registration period and it's registered for >=1 year
  2. Hold at least 200 $CROID or 200 $FRTN in their wallets

Eligible $CROID holders will stand a chance to win $FRTN, and vice versa

Entry Methods:

  • Follow @cronos_identity on Twitter
  • Follow @EbisusBay on Twitter
  • Join Cronos ID Discord
  • Join Ebisu's Bay Discord
  • Visit Ebisu's Bay Medium to Enter
  • Visit Cronos ID Medium to Enter
  • Join @ebisusbay on Telegram
  • Retweet @cronos_identity on Twitter
  • Submit your crypto wallet address (Starting with 0x...)
  • Additional Requirements